Luke and Sassy Scott

TikTok’s Luke & Sassy Scott Just Announced A Podcast!

LiSTNR has today launched a limited series podcast with TikTok sensations Luke and Sassy Scott!

The new weekly podcast features six special episodes created by Luke and Scott O’Halloran; the Melbourne brothers who have taken social media by storm, attracting over 3.4 million followers on TikTok and over 100 million likes of their hilarious videos. They have also won the hearts of many international stars including Rita OraThe Osbournes and Selena Gomez.

Luke and his sassy brother Scott became TikTok famous for their hysterical sibling squabbles. Now, on their podcast, they are sharing all the details behind their outrageous videos along with some extremely personal stories, even revealing things that they haven’t told their mum!

On the first episode, the boys share wild sibling-related stories from their followers, pull a prank on Married at First Sight alumni and host of the Sit With Us podcast Domenica Calarco, and argue over things that infuriate Scott.

Luke said: “We’re more surprised than anyone that LiSTNR offered us a podcast. We couldn’t believe it when they called! We thought it was only our mum who was interested in giving us opportunities in life.”

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Scott said: “For six episodes we are bringing our followers what they want; more of us. But just like a limited designer handbag, our podcast is a rare jewel. Of course, if our followers want more episodes then they may be able to talk us into it, but only if they beg!”

Listen now to the first episode of Luke and Sassy Scott below:

LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of Entertainment and Culture, Sam Cavanagh, said: “To be honest I was unsure about whether Luke and Scott’s content would translate to podcasting.  However, five minutes into the first demo that we recorded with them, and I was hooked!  They are absolutely hilarious, natural storytellers, and have a chemistry built from a lifetime spent pushing each other’s buttons.”

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