Alex Dyson and his late mother, Helen.

Son Hears His Mother’s Last Message 32 Years After Her Death

In an extremely heartfelt and emotional episode of Matt & Alex – All Day Breakfast, Alex Dyson has shared a personal recording left by his late mother before her passing, ahead of Mother’s Day. 

Off the back of a discussion surrounding death and grief in a previous episode of the podcast, Alex explained that his mother, Helen Dyson, had recorded a message for her kids on a cassette tape a few months before her passing in 1992. 

While Alex’s dad, Ian, has appeared on his radio shows and podcast over the years, he has never been able to pay tribute to his mother in the same way, until now. 

“What I’m about to play for you is probably the most personal piece of audio imaginable,” Alex shared.  

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“It is a cassette tape that my mum recorded for myself and my sister before she passed away after she knew that she wasn’t going to make it.”

He added, “this is a way to have my mum on the show… I’m really proud of her, and so I want to tell as many people about that as possible.” 

Take a listen to the special episode below: 

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