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Matt & Alex Open Up About Processing Grief After Losing Their Mothers

In this morning’s episode of the Matt & Alex – All Day Breakfast podcast, Matt Okine offered up a real conversation about how his thoughts on death have evolved after becoming a father. 

Matt and Alex Dyson sadly both experienced the loss of their mothers at young ages – Alex was just four years old; the same age Matt’s daughter, Sofia, is today. Reflecting on this, Matt shared:

You were four and your sister was two, and Sofia is four. And I’ve been thinking a lot about you and Sofia and what would happen if me or Bel died, and I’m going to get upset right now…

If something happened to me, I’d be so upset that [Sofia] doesn’t share the same amount of memories I have.” 

Alex also opened up about how he has processed his grief over time. 

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When you’re that young, you don’t have the memories and you don’t have the acute pain. 

I woke up one night and I sort of had a bit of an epiphany… there’s sort of like this gaping black hole in a life which until very recently, scientists couldn’t take a photo of an actual black hole, but they knew it was there because of the gravity going around it, and that’s what I sort of felt like.”

Take a listen to the raw conversation below: 

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