“I Thought There Was Something Wrong With Me” – What It’s Like Growing Up Asexual In Australia

As part of Network Ten’s pilot week, Abbie Chatfield has recorded a pilot episode of a new show Abbie Chats where she gets to know different people from all walks of life and breaks down misconceptions.

In the pilot episode, the It’s A Lot host delved into different aspects of sexuality, focusing on pornography and asexuality.

Following the Abbie Chats episode, Abbie has invited 50-year-old Jahren, who is asexual, on to her podcast to discuss what their experience has been like as someone who is asexual and to answer any listener questions about the LGBTQIA+ category which can often be overlooked.

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In this candid episode of It’s A Lot, Jahren shares how they realised they were asexual, the struggles they’ve faced and how they’ve found acceptance.

Take a listen:

For more information on asexuality, head to

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