Billy Brownless gives an update on Steve Johnson after

Billy Brownless Gives An Update On Steve Johnson After The “Freak Accident” That Left Him Hospitalised

Steve Johnson made news yesterday after being hospitalised following a freak accident involving a knife, and his great mate Billy Brownless gave an update on the former Geelong and GWS star’s health today.


“He had a freak accident, he’s a lucky boy to be still with us, to be honest,” Bill said on the Rush Hour with JB & Billy.

“He was out skiing with his kids, they love to go skiing down there in Yarrawonga way.

“So he took the kids, it was one of the kids’ birthday and they had the birthday cake there and a knife, a sharp knife as part of it all, [to] cut up the cake.

“Anyway, they pack up everything, they go back home, he parks in the driveway, he goes to walk through a gate, and of course Steven being Steven, bull at a gate — literally — he’s got the life jackets in one hand, all them, he’s trying to carry everything.

“He’s got the bag that the knife was in and the cake was in, and he’s carrying that close to his stomach, his daughter tries to open the gate, she can’t open it, and he goes ‘look out of the road’, and he charges at it and tries to bowl the gate, y’know, knock it, get through the gate.

“Of course the gate doesn’t move, all his pressure and power goes to the gate, and the knife obviously goes into his guts, and deep, deep into his guts.”

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Billy said that Stevie was lucky that a person nearby was medically equipped to come to his aid.

“Luckily there’s a nurse, a bloke walking past, next door neighbour walking past, he hears the commotion because the poor old kids and Erin, his wife, are there, and they’re very upset,” Bill said.

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“He (the nurse) comes in and puts pressure on it and all that, calls an ambo, the ambulance comes along, rushed straight into hospital and operated on.

“And if you’ve seen the pictures — there’s a couple going around — he’s been cut up in four different pieces to see how bad, how far the knife went in to his stomach, into his bowel and things like that.

“So, unbelievable freak accident, but that’s our Steven… he’s ok now.”


Billy had also heard from from Stevie J himself about the incident.

“He said ‘for once I wasn’t pissed, I wasn’t carrying on like an idiot, I wasn’t doing anything wrong,’ and he could have been in a lot, a lot of trouble,” Bill said.

“I asked him to come on and he said ‘I’m on high powered drugs Bill, and I don’t know what I could say’, so he didn’t want to come on which is fair enough… but he is a lot better now.

“But I think there was some concerning times for poor old Stevie J and his family.”


Stevie J — who did suffer some bowel damage according to the Herald Sun — will be back on Triple M Footy in 2024, and will also continue to coach Yarrawonga in the Ovens and Murray league.

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