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No Talk Day: Mark Ricciuto Admits He’s Not Good At Mental Health

Triple M’s No Talk Day is all about us not talking so you can—we want to encourage you to talk about your mental health.

In this chat from 2021, Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto, breakfast host and former Adelaide Crows player shares his thoughts on with mental health as a father, husband and friend.

Mark Ricciuto on mental health:

Roo shares that the biggest thing he has had to deal with was losing his mates to ill health, suicide and car accidents.

Roo said, “I think I’ve had an abnormal amount of mates die.”

“It still makes me very emotional to think about it.”

Sometimes men don’t talk about what is affecting them, which is why on Triple M’s No Talk Day, right across Australia, we’re not talking. We want you to have that important conversation with the people who matter to you.

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Roo also touches on the pressures he has faced over the years and the lack of education around mental health growing up.

“I can’t remember about learning mental health, divorce, how to cope with death, how to feel like you’re [not] worthless, if you’ve lost a job,” he said.

With Triple M’s No Talk Day, Roo says these kinds of initiatives are needed and “thankfully people are more open to having these conversations.” 

“Mental health, we’ve got to get better at it,” he said.

Remember, if you or someone you know needs support, there is help available.
To chat to a mental health professional contact Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636
For crisis support contact Lifeline – 13 11 14

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