“Middle-Aged Blokes Find It Really Hard To Put Their Hand Up And Say I Am Struggling” Dr Trav Gives Midlife Crisis Advice

Psychologist, educator, and Midlife crisis expert Dr Trav joins Flan, Ali and Spida offering a professional insight into a midlife crisis. “I think people forget that humans go through different phases of development throughout their life, right? You get to halfway mark, you know the break if you like, and people start to ask the question what have I done up until now, am I happy with that”. He says there is a stigma of having a midlife crisis and people think you are having a breakdown but it’s not like that, saying it’s a normal part of the process and he encourages the person to lean into it rather than away.

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“It’s a phenomenon that occurs for many people” 

Dr Trav gave Flan, Ali and Spida some advice on how to notice the signs if someone is having a midlife crisis and what to do to help them. 

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