Akmal Saleh slams Adelaide Fringe on Rush Hour

Comedian Akmal Saleh Explains His Boycott Of The Adelaide Fringe

Veteran comedian Akmal Saleh is boycotting the Adelaide Fringe following his ignored complaints about noise and music spillage which has “ruined” his show.


Joining the Rush Hour with Bernie, Blewey and Jars, Akmal sets the record straight about what actually went down.

“I never said I’m not coming back to Adelaide, I love Adelaide.” Akmal said.

“There were like three shows where I had to ask people to please ask for your money back.”

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The complaints turned into a back and forth, with the continued disruption forcing him to retaliate—but even this response was foiled.

“You’re the heart of the fringe!” Andrew ‘Jars’ Jarman said.

“They don’t think so, they think I’m the asshole of the Fringe!”

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