Bernie Vince in the Triple M Adelaide studios and Kysaiah Pickett hitting Bailey Smith. This image has been digitally altered

Bernie Vince Slams The AFL And MRO For “Weak” Bump Sanctions

Bernie Vince has slammed the AFL and the Match Review Officer, labelling them “weak” for not handing down heavier sanctions for some high profile high bumps over the weekend.


“If you’re gonna take concussion seriously, give these players that are choosing to bump still and hitting the head, and seeing players leave the ground… with everything going on at the moment, they need bigger sanctions,” Bernie said on the Rush Hour with Bernie, Blewey and Jars.

“For Buddy Franklin to run past the football, clean someone up, hit them in the head, for them to go down and him get one week, it’s a disgrace.

“It’s weak. It’s a weak call.

“Even (Kysaiah) Pickett from Melbourne running past the ball, leaving the ground, hitting him (Bailey Smith) in the head… if they’re gonna start taking this seriously, he needs four [matches suspension].”

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The bump has been put in the spotlight after round one of the 2023 season, with Pickett’s bumping on Smith being the most high profile, while Buddy Franklin’s hit on Sam Collins saw him given a week’s suspension.

Adelaide’s Shane McAdam has been referred directly tot he tribunal after a bump on GWS’s Jacob Wehr saw the Giant required to undergo a concussion assessment.

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The incidents led to ex-Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury to lead calls for a sin bin rule for the AFL, saying the hits aren’t “football acts”.

“I think it’s something we need to get rid of out of our game,” Pendlebury said on the Marty Sheargold Show.

“Watching the NRL they get sin binned, and I don’t mind that for our players .. So it’s a complete disadvantage, and now you play 17 versus 18 for ten minutes.”

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