What Makes Novak Djokovic So Great, and How to Beat Him: Insights from Alex de Minaur

In the most recent episode of Australia’s #1 sports podcast, The Howie Games, Australian tennis sensation Alex de Minaur has deconstructed Novak Djokovic’s dominance in tennis.

De Minaur dissects the number one tennis player in the world’s playing style, emphasising the Serbian’s unyielding pursuit of victory on every single point. He described Djokovic as “one of those guys who wants to win every single point,” showcasing a level of determination that sets the tennis legend apart.

The talented and competitive Aussie talent went on to express deep admiration for Djokovic’s relentless tenacity and unwavering motivation, labelling it as “astounding.” Djokovic’s ability to maintain prime physical condition and a winning mentality were highlighted as key factors behind his continued success.

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De Minaur shed light on the challenge of facing Djokovic on the court. He explained, “Ultimately, to really hurt him, you need serious firepower,” acknowledging Djokovic’s solid gameplay, impeccable movement, and remarkable defensive skills. De Minaur emphasized that Djokovic’s ability to strike a balance between aggression and defense has made him an opponent of unparalleled difficulty.

Listen to the latest Howie Games episode featuring the tennis sensation. The episode is available on the LiSTNR app or wherever you get your podcasts.