‘Since He’s Been At The Dragons, He’s Had To Carry [Them]’ | Wendell Sailor Gives His Thoughts On The Ben Hunt Saga

Wendell Sailor on The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell provided his two cents on the situation between Ben Hunt and his former side St George Illawarra.


Understanding of Hunt’s desire to leave, Dell believes the pressure of not having too “do it all” could prove crucial in his next destination.

‘There’d be a lot less work for him if he had the opportunity to go to the Roosters.

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‘Though the thing about Bent Hunt, he’s a great individual player, he’s a great club player,

‘But since he’s been at the Dragons, he’s had to carry [them]. ‘

Hunt has been linked with the Bulldogs, Titans and Roosters since he asked for an exit.

Though at this stage, it is a request the Saints have rejected.