Matt & Alex discuss men's violence against women on their podcast

Matt & Alex Discuss Men’s Violence Against Women: “My Life Changed When I Started To Cry More” 

This past weekend, thousands of Australians took to the streets to rally against men’s violence against women. Continuing the conversation this morning, Matt Okine and Alex Dyson shared their thoughts on the root causes of male violence on their All Day Breakfast podcast. 

Desperate calls for action against gender-based violence have escalated following reports that Australian men have allegedly killed 27 women in 2024 so far. 

“It doesn’t start with people murdering people,” Alex said. “It ends there, but it doesn’t start there.” 

“I think guys need to cry more.” Matt added. 

“It sounds like a simple thing but really, often there’s a fragility to the male ego that could be really strengthen by just getting more upset instead of angry, and I don’t know whether we encourage it enough. 

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“Because my life changed when I started to cry more. I used to want to go out and get into fights, not with women, but with other guys. I was like, you know, that guy who would happily get into fights at parties.” 

Take a listen to the important conversation below: 

If you or someone you know has experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse, you can contact 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or at

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