Jebediah on tour with Magic Dirt to celbrate their new album

Jebediah Return with “Oiks”: A Deep Dive into The New Album & Tour

Join Gleeso as he welcomes Kevin Mitchell, frontman of the iconic Aussie rock band Jebediah, on Triple M Nights. After 13 years, Jebediah has made a grand comeback with their new album “Oiks,” promising to stir the hearts of long-time fans and attract new followers alike.

Listen Below: Triple M Nights hosts an exclusive with Kevin Mitchell

Reuniting the Band: The Spark That Lit the Fire Again

Initially formed in 1997, Jebediah has been a staple in the Australian music scene, known for their dynamic sound, compelling lyrics, and mammoth live shows. Returning to the studio after more than a decade, the band rediscovered their chemistry almost instantly. Kevin shares that It was like they never left. The jokes, the laughter—it all came flooding back as if they’d just seen each other yesterday. The rekindling of old bonds is not just nostalgic; it’s the backbone of their new album’s energy.

The Inspiration Behind “Oiks”: A Nod to the Past

The album’s intriguing title, “Oiks,” has a story of its own, rooted deeply in the band’s history. Kevin reveals that the name was inspired by Tim Rogers of You Am I, who referred to Jebediah as a “little gang of oiks” during their early years. This quirky label, embraced by the band, symbolizes their enduring camaraderie and the playful yet rebellious spirit that defines their music.

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On Tour with Magic Dirt: Celebrating Music Together

Lastly, the excitement around “Oiks” is amplified as Jebediah heads on tour with Magic Dirt. This collaboration between two powerhouses of Aussie rock is set to offer fans a series of unforgettable performances, blending classic hits with new tunes. The tour not only celebrates Jebediah’s latest album but also reinforces the band’s significant impact on Australia’s live music landscape. Tickets and more information here

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