The Gold Coast Bloke Who Took Six Wickets In Six Balls Talks Us Through The Best Over In History

Gareth Morgan had a day out for Mudgeeraba/Nerang Cricket Club yesterday, bowling the final over of the game and not just defending five to win but taking wickets with every single ball!

Gareth took Triple M Gold Coast’s Flan, Ali & Spida through his magical over ball-by-ball:

It’s only the second time in recorded history a cricketer has taken a wicket with every ball of an over, and to do so to win the game, surely makes this the greatest over ever bowled.

The match situation couldn’t have been more perfect – or impossible, depending on your view. Surfer’s Paradise needed five runs to win off the final over, four wickets down, so Captain Morgan brought himself on to bowl as he didn’t want any of his junior players to suffer the feeling of conceding the losing runs.

Safe to say things turned out a little differently.

First ball, Gareth sends one down and the Surfers’ batter “tried to whack one over the boundary to start with. If it goes two metres either side we’re not having this conversation today as they win the game. But it went straight to the fielder on the boundary. Pretty lucky for us!”

“The second one I got a bit lucky. Stuck a bit in the wicket and he lobs it down to mid on…” the incredibly humble Captain Morgan continued. He’s so modest, listening to him you wouldn’t know he’d just produced one of the all-time overs in cricket history.

But it did leave the team (Flan, Ali & Spida – not Mudgeeraba/Nerang) with the question, what do you call six wickets in a row?

“I prefer to call it a win for our team…”