“Just Let Him Go!” Wendell Sailor Tells St George Illawarra Dragons To Cut Their Losses With Zac Lomax

Wendell Sailor on The Rush Hour gave his opinion on St George Illawarra Dragons’ Zac Lomax who reportedly wants out from the club.


The centre has been playing “out of position” on the wing under new head coach Shane Flanagan, though Lomax and his management have stated his desires of wanting to play where he has the bulk of his career.

According to reports from David Riccio, he expects Lomax to request an early mid-season release, as Parramatta Eels lurk in the water.

And that request may be as soon as next week.

The Dragons themselves have maintained their desires to keep Lomax for the rest of the season and then re-evaluate the situation and Dell gave his two cents on the situation.

“You got to let him go,” stated Sailor.

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“If he has the opportunity to play somewhere else and he doesn’t want to be at the Dragons, you have to let him go.”

Though Sailor still believed that regardless of what Lomax believes his best position is, it’s the team that matters first.

“I believe his best position is centre but sometimes, especially when you’re rebuilding a club, you play wherever the coach puts you.

“And he’s doing a good job on the wing.”

Dell added that he believes he knows what the problem is.

And it stems back to when Lomax was an up and coming star and was earmarked as a future NSW Blue.

“Freddy called him, what was it?

“The chosen one.”