Our Call Of Melbourne Storm Questionable Disallowed Try| “I Want To Hear From Graham Annesley!”

What a game of Thursday night footy between the Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos!

A game for the ages as the former held on for a 34-32 victory over the Queensland foes.

Yet as spectacular as most tries were, there was one disallowed four-pointer that nearly cost the Storm dearly, which had Triple M’s very own James Graham seething!


Down 24-22 with 15 minutes to go, Brisbane Broncos winger Deine Mariner misjudged the flight of a Cameron Munster chip.

Though the ball was caught, he landed awkwardly on his back but a desperate Munster realised that there was no tackle and Mariner had a loose grip.

Munster snatched the ball and sprinted off in what he thought would be a lead snatching try, yet referee Ashley Klein had other ideas, as he called that the tackle was complete, making Munster’s strip illegal.

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It left our call team bemused but Graham gave the officials a whack.

“It’s a voluntary tackle, the referee has got that one wrong,” started Graham.

But then he directed his attention to the head of referees boss.

“I’m really looking forward to how Graham Annesley addresses this.

“I think that’s play on. I want to hear from Graham Annesley.

“Deine Mariner has gone up, caught the ball, landed on his back.

“He hasn’t been touched by a Melbourne Storm player. So he is still live.

“If he were to get up and run, he’d be allowed to carry on.”