Chris Scott Reflects On Brisbane’s Elite Early 2000’s Era, Injuries, And Grand Final Heartache

In this mini re-release episode of The Howie Games, Geelong premiership coach Chris scott opens up about the elite early 2000s era at the Lions, and what it was like to miss a grand final due to injury…


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In this mini re-release episode of The Howie Games, former Lions premiership player and coach of Geelong, Chris Scott, opens up about the pivotal chapters of Chris’s life, uncovering tales of brotherhood, resilience, and the enduring impact of family.

Chris gives a glimpse into the close-knit relationship between Chris and his twin brother, Brad. Growing up as inseparable companions, the brothers later found themselves sharing the field in Brisbane, weaving a unique narrative of camaraderie both on and off the field.

Howie and Chris delve into the highs and lows of his venture in Brisbane, and Chris opens up about the decision to play side by side with his twin. The challenges and triumphs of sibling collaboration paint a vivid picture of the dynamic duo’s determination to make their mark in the sporting world.

Chris reflects on his father’s military service, a foundation that shaped his character. The untimely loss of his father left an indelible mark, emphasizing the importance of cherishing memories and passing on invaluable life lessons.

Chris also reveals a heartfelt commitment to creating lasting memories for his daughter. This personal insight showcases the multifaceted nature of a coach dedicated not only to his team but also to the enduring legacy he builds within his family.

This is a mini version of a longer, 2 part chat Howie had with Chris Scott back in 2020. In the 2 part episode, Chris give insights into the life of a modern coach, the unity of the AFL during crisis and his start in the footy world – you can listen to part A HERE and part B HERE.


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