Alex McKinnon

‘I Wouldn’t Change a Thing’: Alex McKinnon’s Uplifting Take on Life After NRL

Alex McKinnon, whose promising NRL career was abruptly halted by a spinal cord injury, embodies an unbreakable spirit. In the heart-touching episode of “Stories of Us” with Sarah Grynberg, Alex McKinnon shares an unfiltered glimpse into his life post-injury, an existence he embraces with remarkable positivity despite the challenges. He tells Sarah, “I wouldn’t change a thing that I’ve been through in my life, like literally one thing.” This isn’t a tale of loss but one of profound gain and appreciation for life’s intricate tapestry.

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In a conversation Alex reflects on his journey from the rugby league fields to his wheelchair, a transition that’s been anything but a setback. “You just gotta make a decision. That’s what you wanna do,” he asserts, emphasizing the power of choice and action over adversity.

Despite the darkness that followed his injury, Alex found light in routine, knowledge, and the pursuit of new passions. He admits life is different, but not lesser. “I’ve got three beautiful girls that are just like the best,” he shares with palpable joy, illustrating that life’s worth isn’t diminished by physical constraints.

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What’s more striking is Alex’s perspective on life’s trials. The former Knights star candidly opens up about the universal nature of struggle, saying, “There’s suffering in life… it’s more about the process than it is the outcome.”

“I enjoy the hustle,” Alex confesses to Sarah, a mindset that has seen him through the toughest of times and into a space where he feels “very grateful.”

His wisdom extends to the broader lessons of life, where he advises against assumptions, a practice he feels “would be the death of a lot of good ideas or possible opportunities.” It’s a powerful reminder to live in the moment, embrace uncertainty, and find joy in the unexpected paths life takes us on.

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