Eskimo Joe Unveils Nostalgia Driven Single ‘The First Time’

Join us on this special episode of Triple M Homegrown as Matty O sits down with Kav Temperley and Joel Quartermain from the iconic Australian rock band Eskimo Joe. The band members delve into the inspirations behind their new single ‘The First Time’, reveal the creative process, and share insights from their ongoing acoustic tour.

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Introducing ‘The First Time’

Eskimo Joe’s latest single, ‘The First Time’, is a heartfelt journey through the lens of nostalgia, perfectly capturing the essence of their 27-year long musical career. The single is complemented by a uniquely crafted lyric video that includes clips from their vast archive of music videos, tour footage, and behind-the-scenes moments.

The Inspiration Behind the Music

During the podcast, Kav and Joel discuss how revisiting these old clips for the lyric video inspired the mood and lyrics of ‘The First Time’. They explore how elements of their past experiences are woven into the new music, creating a connection that both new and old fans can appreciate.

The Lyric Video – A Trip Down Memory Lane

The lyric video for ‘The First Time’ serves as a visual retrospective of Eskimo Joe’s career. It’s a compilation of memorable moments that not only highlight their growth but also pay homage to their enduring presence in the music industry. This video is a testament to the band’s journey and their ability to adapt and resonate over the decades.

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Crafting the Single

Kav and Joel share their songwriting and production process in creating ‘The First Time’. They reveal how they blend contemporary musical elements with nostalgic influences to create a sound that is both fresh and reflective. The discussion provides an intimate look into the creative dynamics that drive their songwriting strategy.

Touring the New Sound

Eskimo Joe is currently showcasing ‘The First Time’ in a series of acoustic shows across Australia. The acoustic arrangement puts a new spotlight on their music, offering audiences a different auditory experience. This tour is not just about performance; it’s an invitation to experience the band’s evolution and their journey back to their roots. Tickets and more information here

TL;DR: Eskimo Joe has released a new single, ‘The First Time,’ filled with nostalgic references from their 27-year career. Featured in a unique lyric video, the single showcases memorable clips and encapsulates the band’s journey. Dive into their creative process and join their acoustic tour to experience the evolution of their music.

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