The Science Behind Why You Keep Dating D*ckheads

Ever wondered why you keep dating duds? Have you ever complained to your friends about repeatedly attracting toxic people? Turns out there’s an explanation for this and thankfully, a solution too! 

With a background in neuroscience, psychology and tough love, host Alexis Fernandez has unpacked the importance of self-awareness in the latest episode of her Do You F-cking Mind? podcast. 

“If you’re always saying, ‘oh, I always end up with a f*ckwit, I always end up with a f*ckwit.’ That’s not to say it’s your fault that you’re with a f*ckwit, but sometimes we don’t like to really look at okay – what was it that attracted me to this person in the first place?” Alexis asked. 

“Is there a pattern that’s attracted me to these f*ckwits repeatedly?”

Taking a look at how the mind works, Alexis explains practical actions you can take to break the ‘dating d*ckheads’ pattern. Take a listen below: 

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