Alice Springs Youth Curfew Lifted After Three Weeks

After nearly three weeks in effect, the youth curfew in Alice Springs has been lifted. 

Initially implemented on March 27 following a series of violent incidents, including an attack on a local pub and a large brawl.

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The curfew restricted individuals under 18 from entering the CBD between 6 pm and 6 am without a valid reason.

It received mixed reactions from the community, with some residents welcoming the increased sense of safety it brought to the town, others criticised it as punitive and unfair to young people. 

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Concerns were also raised about potential further criminalisation of youths and the lack of long-term solutions to address underlying issues contributing to antisocial behaviour.

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During the curfew period, police and Territory Families outreach workers engaged with hundreds of young people in the high-risk area, although no arrests were reported.


A few weeks ago, chaos erupted in the heart of Alice Springs, with unrest that saw buildings trashed, the doors of the local tavern kicked in, and a car set on fire. The Northern Territory Chief Minister Eva Lawler called an ’emergency situation’, which resulted in around 80 additional police officers being redeployed into Alice Springs, and a youth curfew coming into effect from 6am to 6 pm in the town centre.   In this episode, we speak with 18-year-old Armani Francois, a local Indigenous social youth case worker, to find out exactly how people in Alice Springs are feeling right now. #news #podcast #alicesprings

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Now that the curfew has been lifted, attention has shifted to finding sustainable solutions to crime and antisocial behaviour in Alice Springs and surrounding areas. 

Community leaders urge the need for comprehensive action, including addressing alcohol-related problems and improving policing in local bottle shops.

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