Khanh Ong Explains How Growing Up Gay Helped Prepare Him For ‘Survivor’

With his infectious personality and confidence, Khanh Ong became a fan favourite during his stints on MasterChef and most recently, Australian Survivor. But what made the man we know and love today? 

Speaking with Sean Szeps on the most recent episode of his podcast Come Out Wherever You Are, Khanh opened up about his childhood, coming out of (and going back in) the closet, and how being gay helped prepare him for a show like Australian Survivor

He also discussed how being on MasterChef allowed him to let go and be his authentic self, rather than who he thought the audience or producers wanted him to be. 

“The representation that I was after when I was younger, I didn’t see it in magazines. I didn’t see it on the screens. It was always a caricature of what a gay man should be,” he told Sean.  

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“I was like, you know what… I need to be comfortable enough to be me just because I would want this representation. This what I needed and what I wanted as a child, which means there’s going to be other children who will need and want this as well.”

Listen to the full chat below! 

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