“You Think You’re A Rock Star But You’re Not” Todd Carney Emotionally Opens Up On Going To Rehab

Todd Carney joined The Rush Hour with Gus, Jude & Wendell for their latest episode of Hero, Highlight & Hardship.


An incredibly talented player, Carney earned the coveted Dally M medal yet had a career full on controversies off the field.

Yet, as Carney further settles into retirement, Carney reflects on his past as he keeps making moves forward.

“My life was going really fine, until our relationship got really serious,” started Carney.

“She fell pregnant with my son Lion.

“Her love for me was always going to stay the same, but she said, before bringing a boy into this life, into this world, I can’t see you keep harming yourself.

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“She said, you think you’re a rock star but you’re not.”

Carney explains that the couple would split and share custody of their young boy.

And in the podcast above, he details what would happen next that would inevitably see him go to rehab.

“I went to rehab this time to show that I was committed to doing it.”

Carney also is now 14 months sober.