Every Parent Needs To See This Aussie Film About Toxic Body Image Culture

Image: Body Image Movement

AUTHOR: Shevonne Hunt

I’ve been hosting a parenting podcast for over seven years and have never come across a film that is such essential viewing for parents and kids. If you’ve ever worried about how your child will tackle social media, then this film will give you hope. I’m talking about Embrace Kids by activist Taryn Brumfitt.

Taryn first burst into public awareness after posting this ‘before and after’ shot:

Images – Before: Andre Agnew, After: Kate Ellis

The picture was Taryn’s protest against all the existing before and after shots that say people are happier when they are thin.

I sat down with the energetic and inspiring Taryn in my latest episode of Feed Play Love where she explained, “I had the body and I wasn’t happy, I was obsessed. I was calorie counting, I was punishing my body, I was disconnected from myself and my family.”

The image caused quite a stir, adding, “It broke people’s brains. It was headline news around the world.”

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The response to the post inspired Taryn to start a body image movement – helping people everywhere embrace the skin they’re in. However, the biggest message she received was from women saying they wished they’d had this information sooner, and so, Taryn embarked upon her latest project: Embrace Kids.

The new film assembles a cast of articulate kids and impressive celebrities including Jameela Jamil, Amy Sheppard and comedian Celeste Barber (who is also an EP of Embrace Kids) to tackle big issues like body image, disability, neurodiversity and gender fluidity without talking down to children.

Listen to my chat with Taryn below to hear more about how parents can take the lead with body positivity:

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