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What On Earth Is Quantum Theory?

Entanglement! Superposition! Qubits! What do these terms mean?

Dr Sophie Calabretto and Cosmos Magazine journalist Evrim Yazgin team up to unravel the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

Their goal is to answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: What exactly is quantum theory?

Listen the full episode below to find out what is quantum theory:

“Quantum physics looks at the behaviour of things like particles, atoms, electrons, molecules, the stuff that makes up everything in the universe,” Yazgin said.

“A basic common denominator between all of these things is that they’re really, really tiny, and things can get pretty weird when you look at them so closely because of their size,” he added.

Yazgin highlights the significant advancements in quantum research. For the first time in history, physicists have achieved quantum mechanical entanglement of two stable light sources using super high powered lasers. 

This means that photons from the lasers, light particles from two different sources have been entangled with each other in a lab.

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“Entanglement has been witnessed before, but it’s the first time we’ve been able to produce it from two different light sources.”

Understanding the nature of light not only sparks curiosity but also serves as the foundation for numerous modern technologies such as mobile phones, global communications networks, computers, and GPS systems.

In a significant move, Australian Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic has announced the country’s first National Quantum Strategy which scientists believe might lead to a new type of world-leading supercomputer.

This strategic initiative, financed through the Albanese government’s National Reconstruction Fund, aims to create 19,400 jobs within the quantum industry and bring $5.9 billion by 2045.

“I can’t emphasise this enough, quantum technologies will be truly transformative,” Mr Husic said.

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