Peeling Back The Science On Bananas

Bananas are beloved by a bunch of us the world over, I mean how can you not love them?

But are bananas in threat of going extinct on us? Will eating too many kill you and are banana peels really that slippery? 

On this episode of Huh? Science Explained, Cosmos Magazine journalist Imma Perfetto peels back the science on bananas and explains to us if a banana does have the ability to kill you!?

Listen to the episode of Huh? Science Explained here:

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“Cultivated bananas are the fourth most important crop in developing countries, after rice, wheat, and corn, and about 100 mega tonnes are produced globally each year,” Imma said.

“But what about radiation? Are bananas radioactive? Actually, they are slightly!

“Bananas are a good source of potassium and too much potassium can sometimes lead to a fatal condition called hyperkalemia – meaning eating too many bananas could kill you.”

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