“My Sense Is That He May Have Coached His Last Game!” | Brent Read On Bunnies Board Meeting

Jason Demetriou will likely learn his long term fate as South Sydney Rabbitohs head coach after tomorrow nights meeting of the club’s board.

Brent Read thinks the Bunnies will ultimately decide to move on from Demetriou, with South Sydney firmed rooted to the bottom of the table and their season all but over.

“Big board meeting tomorrow night for Souths, and look my gut feeling is that the way that it’s going at the moment they will make a call on Jason Demetriou.” said Read.

“My sense is that he may have coached his last game, if not [it’s] this week against Penrith.”

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“Then they’ll appoint an interim[coach] for for the rest of the year but obviously they’ve got to thrash that out tomorrow night.”

“They’ll be talking about the coach and the situation at the moment, he was given obviously an extended stay of execution a couple of weeks ago and they were pretty poor against Melbourne – It’s pretty clear this season is sort of fizzling already.”