The Voice to Parliament
Yes leader Noel Pearson joins Tom Tilley in the studio to discuss the Yes campaign for a Voice to Parliament.

Yes Leader Noel Pearson On Winning The Soft No

In four weeks time, Australians will head to the polls to vote Yes or No for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

It’s the debate that’s divided the nation and Indigenous Australians themselves.  

Noel Pearson is one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous leaders – fighting for Constitutional recognition since the Howard era. On today’s episode of The Briefing he sits down with Tom Tilley to discuss the Yes campaign’s progress so far, and his fight to win over the ‘soft no’ voters.

There’s a potential that the parliament may make laws that are detrimental to Aboriginal people and treat Aboriginal people unequally compared to the rest of the population. We’re putting in a Voice to make sure that whenever the parliament exercises that power, they hear our views about whether those laws are appropriate and whether we think that they’ll be beneficial.

We’re the underdog in this race, but we got four magnificent weeks to go, where we will build the momentum. I think Australians don’t want to maintain the status quo who would want to. It’s too miserable. Indigenous people are suffering.

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