Temu mobile app and Temu delivery package

Where Does Your Temu Stuff Come From?

It can be hard to resist online mega-market Temu’s offer to “shop like a billionaire” amid the cost of living crisis, but where are its goods coming from?

Online juggernaut Temu has become Australia’s most popular free app. According to the latest Roy Morgan research, 1.26 million Australians shop at Temu every month.

Oxfam Australia’s Campaigns and Advocacy Lead Sarah Rogan says little is known about the company’s supply chain.

Sarah Rogan from Oxfam Australia talks about Temu and the global garment sector on The Briefing:

Rogan said transparency within the clothing industry means sharing names and locations of supply factories and allowing inspections.

In China, however, transparency of factory conditions is hard to come by.

Last week an unverified video went viral that claimed to be inside a Temu factory. The footage showed shirtless male workers loading thousands of packages onto conveyor belts at speed.

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Rogan said while it’s difficult to verify media reports and footage, “China has a long way to go when it comes to respecting the rights of working people.”

Industry experts say many consumers are concerned about how their clothes are being made. Meanwhile, most brands care about what their customers think.

“We don’t want [customers] to feel guilty about where they shop from or buying from the brands that they love. But we want to see people using their power as consumers to demand brands do better.”

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