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“We Don’t Have A Bail Problem, We Have A Judge Problem” QLD Police Union President Fires Up Over Youth Crime

Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers spoke out strongly about youth crime this morning to Triple M’s Breakfast with Marto, Margaux and Dan.

Leavers stressed that police are shouldering a heavy burden and calling for changes in the justice system.

Leavers believes “these latte sipping judges who live in the inner-city wealthy suburbs of Brisbane” need to understand the real struggles of everyday Queenslanders and work towards long-term solutions.


“We’ve got to have long term solutions for generational chance. No longer can young people go to traditional school or educational institutions and just sit behind a desk. They need to get other skills.

“When they start to work they start to have other skills, the get a wage, they see that working’s not too bad and they can have a better life. 

“I say to politician’s on both sides, “work with us, those on the front lines.”

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