Sydney Man Threatened With A Shotgun While On A Date In Sydney’s South

A casual date in Sydney turned into a nightmare for a 23-year-old man who had arranged to meet a woman through social media. 

According to NSW police, the man had organised a date with a woman over social media at Oatley, in the city’s south, on September 7.

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Upon his arrival at the agreed location, the woman got into his car as planned. However, two men who had been hiding in nearby bushes, unexpectedly entered his vehicle.

One of the armed men threatened the victim with a double-barrel shotgun, while the other wielded a knife, demanding that he hand over his phone and wallet. 

The 23-year-old man was overwhelmed by fear, and accelerated the car and crashed into a parked vehicle before escaping.

CCTV footage captured a group of up to five men and a woman leaving the area following the crash. 

Local residents who witnessed the aftermath of the incident were shocked by the terrifying attack. 

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The victim recounts the horrifying experience, revealing that he had been physically assaulted with a knife.

“They cut me, they cut me everywhere,” the man told the locals.

“All of sudden two guys jumped in the backseat, one has a f*** shotgun at my head, the other guy has a knife so I didn’t know what to do, then the guy with the gun jumped out and sai, ‘Give me all your s**, give me all your s**.”

“Someone was in the back stabbing me with a knife. So I crashed and I jumped out the window and just ran.”

Authorities urge anyone who may have seen a group matching the description in the Oatley area late that Thursday night to come forward with any information.

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