Queensland Unions Push For 10 Days of Reproductive Leave

Unions in Queensland have united to push for an additional ten days of leave for things like menstruation, IVF and endometriosis.

The QLD Council of Unions has launched a campaign for reproductive leave on top of sick leave entitlements.

This would give workers time to access treatment and appointments for a range of reproductive needs. These could include doctor appointments, tests, and screenings, but also vasectomies, menopause, and IVF. 

“What we’re asking for is for those kinds of type of workers, where they’ve got chronic and debilitating pain and conditions, should have some flexibility,” Jacqueline King from the QCU told 9News.

In New South Wales, public sector employees were given an additional five days’ leave for fertility treatments back in 2022. 

While Conversations are happening in other states and some companies have their own policies, however this would be a national first. 

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