One Third Of Australians Don’t Believe Covid Safety Is Important

One third of Australians do not believe Covid safety measures are important anymore.

The COVID Community Sentiment Index, conducted by Pfizer Australia, revealed 33 per cent of respondents in November said wearing masks, using sanitiser and social distancing was no longer important.

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Pfizer’s survey also found 34 per cent did not believe staying up to date with vaccinations is important and 64 per cent did not think new COVID-19 variants will have a significant impact on them in one year’s time.

The data has caused for a warning from infectious diseases specialist Professor Robert Booy ahead of the festive season.

“As much as we would all like to forget about COVID-19, it is not done with us,” he said.

“Evidence shows that the disease continues to evolve and have significant impact in our communities, especially those at higher risk of severe illness.

“With COVID-19 part of our new reality, we need to continue to embed some habits and measures to protect ourselves and our communities.”

Latest federal government data showed from December 1, 2023, an average of 165 Australians each day were being admitted into hospital, while 57 were in ICU with Covid complications.

In regard to vaccinations, 2.5 million people over 65 years old were not up to date with their six-month does, while three quarters of Australians aged over 75 had not received a Covid vaccination in the six months up to November, 2023.

“With many people travelling and gathering to celebrate the holiday season, it’s important to remember that COVID loves a crowd,” Professor Booy said.

“Even though most healthy Australians are protected against severe COVID, there remain a few million vulnerable people who have not had an updated COVID-19 vaccination in the last six months. Taking precautions this Christmas is only sensible.”

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