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NT Government Extends Alcohol Restrictions In Alice Springs

The Northern Territory government will extend takeaway alcohol restrictions in Alice Springs for at least the next 12 months. 

The restrictions were first announced in January. They include limited bottle shop trading hours and takeaway alcohol-free days on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Evidence has shown that alcohol-related emergency department presentations at Alice Springs Hospital have reduced by a third since the restrictions were introduced.

They also helped reduce the domestic violence rate and alcohol-related harm and assaults. 

Findings also show that the number of children’s protective custody notifications has decreased.

Chief Minister Natasha Fyles said the restrictions, which were extended in April, were having a positive impact.

“Our Police officers, our hospital staff and our social sector, who work in Alice have been loud and clear – they are all telling us that these restrictions need to stay in place. We are listening to them,” Ms Fyles said.

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The restrictions were implemented after an emergency visit by Prime Minister Antony Albanese to town earlier this year. 

Ms Fyles says alcohol-related harm represents one of the Territory’s most significant social challenges, making it a top priority for the government to address.

“From risk-based licensing to the Banned Drinkers Register, from the minimum floor price to our Police Auxiliary Liquor Inspectors, and with record funding for alcohol treatment services and domestic, family and sexual violence, we continue to do more than any previous government to tackle this problem,” she said.

“I know that some retailers may not like this approach. It’s a difficult decision, but it’s the right decision. It has to be done,” she added. 

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