Paris explosion

Multiple People Injured During Large Explosion In Paris

At least 37 people have been seriously injured following a massive explosion in Paris on Thursday.

The explosion ripped through a nearby building in the Latin Quarter of the fifth arrondissment.

The façade of the building has since collapsed and a large fire has ignited amid the wreckage. 

People in the surrounding buildings have been evacuated as emergency services work to extinguish the blaze. 

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Four people are in critical condition with two others still missing. 

Rescue teams along with sniffer dogs are attempting to sift through the rubble to locate the two missing people. 

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Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said it is possible that the missing people will be found alive. 

“It is possible tonight that we will find bodies or perhaps survivors,” he said. 

Police have launched an investigation to establish what caused the explosion. 

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