Student encampment at Sydney University; a protest against Israel's offensive on Palestine.

Inside Student Camps For Palestine At Australian Universities

More than 100 students at Columbia University in New York were arrested last month while protesting Israel’s offensive against Palestine. A global movement is growing, but this time it feels different.

The arrests at Columbia marked a defining moment in the global protest, as similar encampments are springing up on campuses across the globe.

Listen to reporter Helen Smiths visiting an encampment at Sydney University on The Briefing:

Sydney University student Deaglan Godwin helped organise the protest, and he is vice president of the Student Representative Council.

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“We plan to continue this encampment until the university meets our demands, until the university divests and cuts ties with the State of Israel and the genocide it is carrying out,” Godwin said.

Student encampments on university grounds around the world are protesting Israel’s offensive against Palestine in the Middle East.

Riot police were called in yesterday to remove a student encampment from a campus building at Columbia University.

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