Fire ant

Authorities Launch Chemical Eradication To Combat Super Pests

Authorities in South Murwillumbah are intensifying measures to chemically eradicate three nests to combat “one of the world’s worst super pests”.

The invasive species, yet to be officially identified, has raised significant concerns among local authorities and residents.

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The discovery of these nests has prompted urgent action, with experts describing the infestation as a critical threat to the local ecosystem. 

Authorities are working diligently to identify and neutralise the invasive species before it establishes a stronghold in the region.

Subsequent investigations revealed the presence of what experts are terming a “super pest,” known for its rapid reproductive capabilities and potential to cause extensive ecological damage.

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The NSW Department of Primary Industries confirmed on Saturday: “This is the first fire and detection in northern NSW and presumed to be the most southern report of fire ants from the Queensland infestation,” the department said.

The use of chemicals is carefully monitored to minimise environmental impact while effectively eradicating the threat.

Local authorities are urging residents to remain vigilant and report any unusual sightings that could aid in the ongoing efforts to identify and eliminate the super pest. 

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