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How To Make Your Phone Last At Taylor Swift’s Concert

The first challenge as a Swiftie was securing tickets to Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour but the next thing is how you can make sure your phone lasts the night of the concert while also getting your iconic photos and videos to post on social and remember for years to come.

Telstra have dropped some super helpful tips (you can check them all out here) but here are some of our favourites:

Optimising Your Phone’s Settings

Whether you’re rocking an iPhone or an Android device, the first step is to optimise your settings to squeeze out every last drop of battery life.

Both platforms offer low power modes that limit background activity and reduce performance to conserve battery.

So, before you head to the concert, dive into your settings and activate low power mode to keep your phone humming along. Find out how to turn it on for Android here, and iOS here.

Also make sure to turn off battery-sucking apps like those that use location services (GPS), audio or gaming features.

Lower Your Light

Sure, waving your phone flashlight in the air during “Love Story” might seem like the ultimate concert experience, but remember, every flicker drains your battery.

Instead, save your flashlight for emergencies or when Taylor asks the crowd to light up the stadium – trust me, your battery will thank you later.

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Have a Back Up Plan

It’s important to have a plan if you do find yourself with a flat phone and the answer is… payphones!

Ever since 2020, payphones have been free for local, national and mobile calls within Australia. So you can keep the number of a trusted friend or a cab in your pocket and dial them for free at the end of the night.

Check out an interactive map to find payphones here.

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It’s also worth familiarising yourself with the restrictions for the concert, plus some clarifying points from the promoter.

Lastly, have fun!

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