Australian rock band AC/DC in New York, August 1979. (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Reveals What It’s Like Touring with AC/DC

Imagine you’re a teenager attending an AC/DC concert, moshing to the music of your rock heroes. Fast-forward a few months, and you find yourself sharing a stage with those very legends. That was precisely the journey for UK rock band Def Leppard in the late 1970s. In this article, we delve deep into an exclusive interview with Def Leppard’s frontman, Joe Elliott, where he candidly talks about what it was like to tour with the iconic Bon Scott-led AC/DC during their Highway to Hell tour.

The Dream Gig of a Lifetime

Def Leppard had the honor of opening for AC/DC during their monumental 1979 Highway to Hell tour. Notably, the tour crossed various British theatres, giving Def Leppard their first significant exposure. Interestingly, the band members were so young at the time that drummer Rick Allen celebrated his 16th birthday during one of the London tour dates.

From Fans to Touring Partners: A Surreal Transition

Elliott recounts the awe-inspiring experience in an episode of the Behind the Hits podcast. He mentioned how they were completely starstruck watching AC/DC perform, especially since they had been audience members just a few months prior.

“I saw AC/DC about three or four times with Bon. And then to actually go out on tour with him. It was, it was a little surreal because we were fans and then all of a sudden we’re touring partners. It was bizarre,”

Joe Elliott

Sharing Drinks and Memories with Bon Scott

Bon Scott, the inimitable frontman of AC/DC, didn’t hesitate to make Def Leppard feel at home. According to Elliott, Scott even shouted the band drinks as they watched AC/DC perform classics like “Live Wire” from the side stage.

“It was great fun to be out with them because we used to get the stands down the side stage and literally watch them open up with like ‘Live Wire,’ you know, for three solid weeks it was just brilliant,”

Joe Elliott
AUGUST 01 1979: CAMDEN, ENGLAND. AC/DC's Bon Scott sitting on Angus Young's shoulders (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)
AUGUST 01, 1979: CAMDEN, ENGLAND. AC/DC’s Bon Scott sitting on Angus Young’s shoulders (Photo by Fin Costello/Redferns)

Overcoming Tragedies to Become Rock Legends

Def Leppard, like AC/DC, have faced their share of ups and downs. However, the band has persevered, remaining one of the world’s biggest rock acts. In the Behind the Hits podcast, they also discuss the tragedies they’ve had to overcome to reach their current status.

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To dive deeper into this fascinating journey, listen to the Def Leppard episode on the Behind the Hits podcast below:

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