Phil Collen performs on stage with Def Leppard during their

Why Phil Collen Almost Quit Def Leppard: An Intimate Glimpse Amidst Their World Tour

As Def Leppard and Mötley CrĂĽe electrify stages worldwide on their current World Tour, fans in Australia are eagerly awaiting their performances this November. However, Phil Collen, the renowned guitarist of Def Leppard, once faced emotional hurdles that nearly led him to quit the iconic band. This article delves deep into Phil’s personal journey—moments of joy, loss, and resilience—that have shaped his long-standing career.


Phil Collen: From ‘Girl’ to Def Leppard Stardom

Joining Def Leppard in July 1982, Phil Collen switched gears from playing to nearly empty theaters with his former band ‘Girl,’ to sold-out global events that mark Def Leppard’s World Tour. A key member, Phil became synonymous with the band’s monumental success.

The Catalyst: The Tragic Loss of Steve Clark

Steve Clark, Def Leppard’s late co-lead guitarist, was integral to the band’s unique sound. His untimely passing in 1991 profoundly impacted Phil, who shared a deep personal and musical bond with him. Phil admitted in a heartfelt conversation with Gleeso on Triple M Nights,

“It felt sickening doing it without him.”

Phil Collen

Emotional Crossroads: Phil’s Moment of Doubt

Losing a bandmate and friend triggered a whirlpool of emotions for Phil. The tragedy led him to seriously contemplate leaving the band. In a world where fame and music reign supreme, Phil’s struggle highlights the emotional intricacies that come with a life dedicated to rock ‘n’ roll.

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The Turning Point: Why Phil Stayed

In moments of vulnerability, music can serve as a powerful balm. The outpouring of fan support and the enduring camaraderie among the remaining Def Leppard members led Phil back to his passion. The music became not just a career but a lifeline, pulling him through dark times.

Continuing the Legacy: The World Tour and Beyond

Now, Def Leppard and Mötley CrĂĽe are thrilling audiences globally with their World Tour. The upcoming Australian leg in November stands as another milestone in a journey that almost saw a different lineup—one without Phil Collen. Yet, the band’s cross-generational appeal endures, capturing hearts from ages 5 to 75.


Phil Collen’s story is a poignant chapter in the tapestry of Def Leppard’s history. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices, struggles, and ultimately, the resilience that goes into sustaining a decades-long career in rock music. As the bands continue to tour the world, each concert becomes a testament to their lasting impact and the hurdles they’ve overcome.

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