Kylie and Johnathan Brown with Daughter

AFL Icon’s Daughter Undergoes Intrusive Surgery at Young Age

In the beginning, AFL legend and radio presenter Jonathan Brown and his wife Kylie thought it was cute that their youngest and smallest child, Macy, was a loud snorer.

“She sounded she sounded like an old drunk man who’d fallen asleep on a couch.” – Kylie Brown

But snoring in children can be serious, leading to sleepless nights, trouble breathing, gut issues and in their daughter’s case, intrusive surgery to fix it. 

Through a successful career in the AFL, Jonathan Brown knows all about surgeries to the face, leaving him now a ‘mouth breather’. But seeing his daughter go through a similar intrusive surgery so young was hard on the former Brisbane Lions captain. 

“We can handle it ourselves. We’re big, tough, rough, ugly footballers. So, it’s par for the course when it comes with the job, but not when it’s your daughter.” – Jonathan Brown

On this week’s episode of  Dr Golly and the Experts, the couple sit down with Dr Golly (the Brown’s very own paediatrician) to talk about the signs to look out for in snoring babies.

Listen to the episode:

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