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Sister Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice, Takes Care Of Family After Mum Dies

At 22 years old, Amanda took the lead in the family after her mother passed away from cancer. This included looking after three sisters, one with an intellectual disability.

With the help of Bec & Soda’s Thank Bank, Amanda is finally getting the recognition she deserves.


Amanda was nominated by sister Anna-Marie who says “she’s basically given up her life” to support the family.

“So she did all the food shopping, made sure all the bills were paid basically to make sure kept the house running really,” Anna-Marie said.

Anna-Marie finally opens up to her sister about why she is at SAFM today.

“I decided to bring you in here because I know the last nine years you’ve loved taking me around everywhere,” Anna-Marie laughs.

“You’ve given up so much of your life for looking after our sister and me. So I just wanted to say thank you so much.”

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