Woman clutching bottom as she is about to fart

We Found Perth’s Mysterious Master Farter. His Name Is Mike.

This morning, we brought you the mysterious case of the person who dropped an absolute monster of a fart near the escalators at the West Coast v Adelaide game last Saturday night.

Apparently, it was so bad that people were practically dry retching.

Well, we thought we’d put it out there and GUESS WHAT. The culprit got in touch.


“I may be the mystery master farter. I was going up the escalator and I did let fluffy off the chain a few times,

“In my defence, I had KFC the night before, and I do hope the people survived the aftermath of the gas leak.”

Is anyone else channeling some Kevin Bloody Wilson here?

As you’ll hear above, we also then put it to you Perth. Where’s the inappropriate place you passed wind? Hilarity ensues.

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