Anthony Albanese comments on a government supermarket.

Kymba Floats The Govt Supermarket Idea To Albanese

You don’t need to be an esteemed political analyst to know that many Aussies are doing it tough out there, with the cost of living on a seemingly never-ending ascent AND a few select companies announcing record profits.

Kymba’s had enough – and with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in the room, she asked the question. Could a “government” supermarket be the answer for struggling families?


As Kymba suggests:

“I mean, a $1.62b profit for Woolworths. The shareholders are laughing all the way to their second yachts, and other people can’t buy cereal for their kids.”

Albo weighed in:

“I recognise people are doing it tough… you can’t wave a magic wand and nationalise the retail industry.”

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