It's Gonna Be A Warm Winter

Don’t Dust Off Your Ski’s Just Yet Australia, This Winter Is Going To Be A Warm One

After a particularly chilly autumn, the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has said almost all of Australia should expect yet another “unusually warm” winter.

The Hit networks Jimmy & Nath shared the news on their national night show. Overall, the odds are favouring warmer temperatures. The official winter forecast showing significant parts of NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, WA and South Australia is likely to experience warmer-than-average temperatures.

Hoping for a good snow season?

For those hoping for a good snow season, it’s a forecast that might sound concerning. Especially, following the news that last year’s warm winter caused the worst snow season experience in 20 years.

But it’s not all doom and gloom; the great thing about weather is its unpredictable nature. There may be some days of colder weather and favourable snow conditions. But you’ll just have to keep an eye on the short-term forecasts.

Upon hearing the news, Nath didn’t seem too fussed remarking that ‘that’s what the snow machines are for”. Jimmy implied that it’s not as good as the real stuff because you ‘can’t eat it’. This caused an ensuing argument between the pair about what fake snow is made out of. Jimmy with his habit of needing to be right, quickly googled “What is fake snow made of?”.

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In that moment, Jimmy crowned himself correct but alas his research wasn’t exactly through. But can we really call reciting the first result on Google research? The artificial snow he’s referring to is actually Decorative snow. The kind you find at Christmas parties and in shop displays. Fear not, the ‘fake’ snow they spray at ski resorts is actually just a mix of water and pressurised air.

Warm winter or not, the fake snow is okay to eat

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