You Wouldn’t Believe What Aussies Are Flushing Down The Toilet

There are only three things that you should be flushing down the toilet: Pee, poo and toilet paper. But according to Sydney Water’s Toilet Blockers Anonymous, Aussies have a habit of flushing strange items down the loo and it’s causing all sorts of trouble. 

Jimmy & Nath decided it’s time to re-educate the people of Australia on what you shouldn’t be flushing down the dunny. This comes following the news that Sydney water crews have had to attend nearly 4000 ‘unclog’ jobs in 2024 alone. And at a cost of $917 per choke, you might as well be flushing money down the drain.

The boys go on to reveal some of the most bizarre items that were found. From human teeth, golf balls and vapes, to potentially the most bizarre of all, a kayak! Jimmy remarked that the kayak was his favourite on the list, while Nath questioned how one could possibly fit a kayak down the toilet. Turns out it had been broken down into smaller pieces, apparently not small enough. 

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More common culprits include facial tissues, wet wipes, dental floss and hair.

To keep things simple Sydney Water has introduced the ‘3Ps’:

Only flush the 3Ps: Pee, Poo and Toilet Paper!

Sydney Water

So don’t be a toilet blocker, save your wallet and your pipes and only flush the  ‘3Ps’ – pee, poo and toilet paper to prevent chokes and blockages.

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