Ed Kavalee didn't hold back on Maxine Martin!

“Classic grub behavior!” – Ed Kavalee Sledges Liam Martin’s Mum

Ed Kavalee didn’t hold back when Maxine Martin called into Hughesy, Ed & Erin this morning!

The mother of New South Wales Blues representative Liam Martin thought she was going to have a wholesome State Of Origin chat.

Only issue is, Ed had other plans.


Flop to the floor pretending you’re hurt, that’s classic Martin.

Ed Kavalee – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Maxine was in the middle of discussing how her competitive nature as a teenager rubbed off on Liam.

Ed was VERY quick to interject with a quote from Liam about his mother that painted her in an unflattering light.

Long story short, Liam claimed that Maxine broke someone’s ribs in a game of basketball.

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She went on to clear the air by saying that someone broke HER ribs while she was drawing a charge during a game.

After passionately reading out the quote from Liam about Maxine, Ed began SCREAMING at her!

“That’s classic Martin, throw an elbow then flop to the floor pretending you’re hurt, that’s classic Martin,” Ed yelled.

“Can I see a Doctor’s report?

“CLASSIC grub behaviour!”

Hear the full hilarious audio above as Ed grills Maxine over the quote from Liam.

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