ORIGIN INSIGHTS: Bunk Bed Buddies, Pillow Fights And Tea Is Spilt! 

It’s GAME DAY and what better way to start the day than hearing from a couple of NRL greats. Gold Coast’s SeaFM have Sam Thaiday, James Tamou and Chris Walker join them in the lead-up to tonight’s game.

Over a decade of Origin, NRL legend Sam Thaiday joins the show saying he’d love to see the game tonight be “close in the first half but then Queensland comes home in that second and just puts 30 on late”. The question that Lakey wants to know about Origin camp is “do you guys arm wrestle?” Sam laughs but reveals “first night of camp is always the annual pillow fight” admitting “Benny was the best”.

Former Broncos, Roosters, and Storm player Chris Walker joins the show but isn’t impressed as Johnathan Thurston was supposed to be on air but couldn’t make it so Ben calls in Chris last minute. “Geez you’re scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get me on for JT”. Chris says today is “the pinnacle of rugby league, and you’ve got two teams representing their state, representing their family, representing what they’ve all been about for their whole life”. 

“There’s massive pressure on each game”  – Chris Walker

307 NRL games, 14 Origins (for NSW) and Benny’s roommate for the Cowboys James Tamou joins the show and admits that playing at Suncorp “is one of the hardest things ever”. Saying that the boys “got caught in the hype” being in Queensland the week before. Lakey wants to know what’s it like being Benny’s roommate? James spills the tea…

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