SURPRISE: An Aussie Heartthrob Was Meant To Be Joey In ‘Friends’

When you hear ‘Joey’, one of two things probably comes to mind: baby kangaroos or Matt LeBlanc’s character in ‘Friends’.

While it’s hard to imagine anyone else portraying LeBlanc’s career-defining character, he had been going head-to-head with an Australian heartthrob for the part.

Enter Louis Mandylor, who famously portrayed Nick Portokalos in the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise.

In the latest episode of Sooshi Mango’s Saucy Meatballs Podcast, Melbourne-born Mandylor revealed he was meant to be Joey.

Not only did he audition for the role; he was convinced he had it!

29 years / 10 seasons / 236 episodes later, Louis is coming clean about what the role would have meant for his career, and how he really feels about striking out.

Catch the story:

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