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Kristy & Brett From ‘The Block’ Respond To Last Night’s Altercation With Former BFF’s Leah & Ash 

On last night’s episode of The Block a lot of drama went down (and not much building TBH). The Block has proven the most explosive season yet with a major feud between contestants Eliza & Liberty and Kristy & Brett and now with Leah & Ash.

SeaFM’s Bianca, Ben and Lakey are joined by Kristy & Brett to spill the tea on their Ensuite win last night as well as Scotty Cam’s surprising news of their holiday ALL contestants must go on together. 

Brett says, “I suggested we should carpool together” as his wife Kristy laughs. 


Ben wants to know if former BFFs Leah and Ash will get out of the drama “scot-free” with Brett replying, “nah they won’t get out scot-free, they pulled up in our kitchen and now there is going to be repercussions”. 

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